Rozhovor s prezidentem Golf Snail Petrem Šedinou

1) Who are you? What are you not?

I have just been fifty. That is enough not to start a brand new life. I am going to take my three grand-children out in the pram and after the walk I will be glad to return them to where they belong to. However, it is not enough to try to do more and fulfil my dream about driving which heals and helps.

I am not the gallery owner who puts work of creative artists on display for a very low rent and makes his good living.I have been working on golf as a picture for three years. I create and think up things which people can accept, understand and take part in. I do what I like and what makes me happy.

2) Where did you come from? And why?

Maybe from my hometown, maybe from the place where everything is finished and people are expecting what comes next.

And why? To become the president of a golf club.

3) Colours and your logo?

It happened that I met Catherine and her husband, excellent and very successful graphic designers and entrepreneurs. The logo is Catherine ́s work and the gifts we receive from her – her ideas- have been accompanying Snail since the very beginning up to now. Snail ́s shell with the golf ball turns from the left. In the nature it is very unusual and in the world of Czech golf it is unique . It goes against the tide. Grey and green are colours of calm, of the return to the basics of a beautiful game.

They make us think about the role of nature in our lives.

4) What kind of people have you met on the way to your golf?

There have been a lot of them. A lot of those who never get over their “amazing” shadow. However, I have met more people who have no titles and well-paid positions. They are real knights of these
days, friends who are able to help the others.

5) Did you find any help in the micro region?

I have been finding help almost everywhere. With and without luck, with the mockery of those who had let me wait in the anteroom just with the announcement that your golf is just YOUR activity. And
without any loss of my last self-esteem then I find the right ones. Those who appreciate to meet each other and ask about the health.

6) Do you still subsidize your golf?

There are still more running costs, I myself cannot pay even an hour to me for the time which I spend on the field. I myself cannot complain to me and I am not going to resign because I have not made a deposit in my bank account. I close the driving range in autumn and I go to work until spring.

I have what I save for and I do not need anything else because I do not have it.

7) Joining of an investor?

I can remember people who dropped by with offers. Their cars reminded me of spaceships and their world was completely different from mine. With the entry of anyone else Snail will lose its freedom and the idea about my golf will change into the graph of main income. I will leave things as they are.

8) What is AGF? (SPG in Czech)

The association of golf friends is something what no-one has ever done.

We have got cards for various things – payment cards, then health cards, discount cards, playing cards and you must own a card to play golf, too. The green one – to prove that you are able to play
the game and to enter the course.

AGF is able to guide those who do not have the card to the golf course. The aim is to taste the game.

To touch and go through the places where the ball sinks into on the “big course.”