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Welcome to our websites and let us introduce the SNAIL Driving Range.

It was in winter 2008 when the current President of Snail Golf, a very passionate golf player Petr Šedina, got the idea of setting up a bit different golf club. Main idea of the whole project is not to rank golf to an upper class entertainment (unfortunately,this fact is spread among people) but to enable all people, who want to try out this
sport ,to strike a few balls in homely atmosphere for a very reasonable price that will not cut your family budget.
We also do not forget about other family members who were not addressed by golf or who are in the baby carriage for now or have snouts and tails…We simply want to create an environment where everybody feels comfortable and goes in for sport that is so entertaining.

Afterwards the idea had come into existence, the Snail Driving Range project was slowly being carried out. After the field pretreatment had been finished, the „training meadow“ was born. It was tested and opened by President´s family members and close friends on June 5, 2009. Works on the driving itself were started at the beginning of August. However, thanks to Mr.President ´s constant work and thanks to the help of other family members and friends the Driving Range was officially opened in spring 2010. Inauguration took place on March 21, 2010 and we would like to thank all for attendance.We hope you like our Driving Range.But our work has not finished yet.We will try hard to create more pleasant environment.

One year passed over and Driving Range continued in the following season. 9-hole academy was opened in September 2010. Several tournaments were held and Snail Team was originated. It took part in a few events on other golf courses. We prepare the establishment of a golf club and want to enter the Golf Federation.

Finally, we would like to express our thanks to people who helped us:
Radmila Šedinová, Kateřina Šedinová, Jakub Pech, Rudolf a Jaruška Jonášovi, Aram Herman, Michaela Žatecká, Josef Rous, Martin Chuindela, p.Havlín, p.Matějka, members on board and inhabitants of Úholičky village.

Thank you…..

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