Public course

Number of holes: 9
Par: 58
Length men: 1964m (18 jamek) / 982m (9 jamek)
Length women: 1932m (18 jamek) / 966m (9 jamek)
Course record: See Hall of Fame

Snail hriste

Holes in details

Hole 1
Name: Klubová
Par: 3
Length: 33m
HCP: 13 (14)
Holder of the hole:
A short, but treacherous hole requiring good chipping and putting skills. Watch out for out behind the green.

Hole 2
Name: Lesní
Par: 3
Length: 126m muži | 110m ženy
HCP: 3 (4)
Holder of the hole:
Fist shot needs to hit the fairway. The left side of the hole is bordered by dense bushes along the entire length, a steep slope to the forest on the right. Both are marked as red water.

Hole 3
Par: 3
Length: 120m
HCP: 7 (8)
Holder of the hole:
Left side is marked as red water hazard.

Hole 4
Par: 4
Length: 226m
HCP: 1 (2)
Holder of the hole:
Nice par 4 with dangerous bushed on right side of the green.

Hole 5
Name: Vyhlídková
Par: 3
Length: 105m
HCP: 9 (10)
Holder of the hole:
Deep rough in front of teeing area is punishing all the bad strokes. At the end of the hole is a treacherous green. Good aiming is necessary. Beware of the Out of Bounds behind the green.

Hole 6
Name: Elektrická
Par: 3
Length: 46m
HCP: 17 (18)
Holder of the hole:
Simple 3-par with a breathtaking view of the valley of Vltava river.

Hole 7
Name: Drivingová
Par: 4
Length: 211m
HCP: 5 (6)
Holder of the hole:
Hole 7 is opened only during the tournament days as it is placed on the right size of the driving range.

Hole 8
Name: Přátelství
Par: 3
Length: 61m
HCP: 15 (16)
Holder of the hole:
Par is a must here.

Hole 9
Name: Závěrečná
Par: 3
Length: 54m
HCP: 11 (12)
Holder of the hole:
Nice par-3 to the valley.